New Business tools that complement your way of working are now being deployed throughout the motor service industry. For MG Repairs these are exciting times.

MG Assist is a demand managed structure focused on service delivery and is looking forward to roll-out the brand-new Business Box System by putting it to work in the motor service industry.
We expect it to eradicate a lot of inconsistencies that exist in the older windscreen repair service delivery structure and it presented us with the opportunity to bring everything together in a standardized way.

The founder with 27 years Motor Glass experience, starting as a windscreen repair technician, later owning two independent glass outlets, servicing mainly Insurance & Corporate industry, realized and grabbed the opportunity to create a cost effective solution for the ever escalating cost of windscreens to Insurance clients and the even larger non –insured market.

In the older (and current) systems, when a client wants a quote, every company has its own way of doing them. There are many ways to quote and do windscreen repairs. Some equipment over complicate the process and others are just not up to standard. We aim to give the market a standardized pricing, affordable quality product and a vast service delivery network, focusing on easily accessible, convenient and reliable service.

In fact, there are different enterprise resource systems in use, and despite each one offering their own unique sales platform, sharing it is next to impossible.
Those days are over. “With the MG Assist / MG Repair system we are able to share best practices in a way that was impossible before, and that means we can work together creating a network of windscreen service providers in a way that wasn’t possible before”.

Beginning in 2013, a pilot project with the new MG Assist system was extensively tested, data gathered, systems and processes developed, repair tools re-engineered, fine-tuned & tested, as well as pilot projects (mini roll-outs) of Partners launched. MG Repairs had set a date for the 1st launch in 13 March 2017. We soon experienced an overflow of interest and buy-ins, but realized with this high volume of interest we will have to pull back another year for further development. We returned to the drawing board mid= April 2017.

Bringing the product and service to market a 2nd time from 1 June 2018 not only creates a cost-effective client solution, but also opens up additional doors for many non-Franchise and Franchise brands that offer vehicle maintenance services, allows diversification of enterprises to include the Motor Glass target market, as well as an exciting entrepreneurial development program.
The rollout solution involves a combined Motor Glass platform which will run on autopilot driven by individually owned Motor Glass professionals and enterprises, linked by the MG Assist gateway and together creating the gateway to a minimum exposure diversification or add-on business venture.
These key network players are about ensuring that in every unit there are people and micro management ensuring the pipeline of customers receive quality, value for money service.

There are five different levels of key network players
The Business Box Partners – Point of sale and chip repairs
The MG Assist gateway – virtual pricing, buying and service delivery communication
The Fitment teams – a network of individually owned motor glass retailers and Mobile fitment teams.
The Dealmakers (The Experience) – combined deal making experience, administration, pricing and supply
The Business Development – Entrepreneurial development, Other Enterprise opportunities and micro brand awareness

Supply chain
Our network provides a basic, high quality, affordable, convenient in-store service.
We offer a virtual controlled replacement quoting system, standardizing pricing, and back office management of fitments.

This is not only beneficial to the end user, but creates new opportunity for your business utilizing our virtual gateway to supply services with minimum exposure.

“Put simply, we form all these different systems into a single system “. If we have a good idea and proved it can work for a single Business Box Partner, we can roll it out and do this in excess of 10 000 times. This is making the impossible – possible.

“First and foremost” I’ve had a chance to really analyze how this structure works and can give back to companies who are keen to make a difference in building our entrepreneurial future. We need to offer our services to 15 000 000 vehicles a day.

We will be giving our Partners tools that make Motor Glass Service much easier to present to the customer. It’s going to make business and everyday life a lot easier.

Thank You
Fred Myburgh
(Motor Glass Group)