MGR Entrepreneur Development Program


We are looking for suitable Entrepreneurs to JOIN OUR TEAM and operate their own MOBI Windscreen Repair Support service.

Business Overview

Motor Glass Repairs (MG Repairs) is a subsidiary automotive glass company of Motor Glass Holdings (MG Holdings), specializing in the repairing of damaged windscreens of motor vehicles. MG Repairs provides quality-approved Repair services to the Public, Corporate Business and Automotive Dealers. Services are rendered to the customer by mobile Repair Technicians at the customer’s chosen location and convenience.

MG Holdings is investing in MG Repairs Entrepreneur Program (MG REP). We are seeking potential & able entrepreneurs to join our programme. The entrepreneurs will be trained to service the Area’s Clientele (MG Partners). The daily function and responsibilities of an area Mobi include:

  • Doing repairs for MG Partners – obtained from MG Partner Marketing Sales Teams.
  • Partner Support – You will be linked up with MG Partners and become joint venture Entrepreneurial Partners.
  • Consumable Supply & Support to MG Partners in your area.
  • Receive Referrals for Windscreen Repairs from advertising, e-mail & other marketing campaigns and perform Mobile Repairs.

Our program provides you, the Entrepreneur ,with a simple solution to generate income from the area Partner clientele. Our program is simplistic and the basic knowledge and technical skills required to become operational can be transferred within 3 Weeks.

There are about 15 000 000 vehicles in South Africa. 1 in 3 vehicles have windscreen damage. The prices of windscreens are increasing drastically and repairs constitute a more affordable alternative to replacement. A high quality repair, executed by a professional technician, is a significant prevention tool and cost saver to a client with chips on their windscreen, as a chip will inevitably crack.

Mobi Entrepreneur 

Pricing & Distribution: MG Repairs form part of the MG Holdings (Motor Glass Holdings) network, who negotiate pricing and benchmark service levels. Customers are encouraged to make use of our services, via our network of MG Partners (Motor Glass Partners & MOBI’S). We ensure customers always receive excellent service at affordable, competitive pricing. We also refer occasional overflow of work from approved repairers/partners.

Sales & Marketing

Not all Partners want to do their own repairs and require a full time Service Provider (Entrepreneur) to service their clients in-store. Initial income is generated from the Partner who signed up as an Approved Retail Store within the MG Partner network and requires a Service Provider (Entrepreneur). You will be linked up with the Partner and offer your service to them daily.

Distribution: The Mobi will be responsible for Services and Product distribution in the Area. MG Holdings has established good working relationships with Workshops, Franchises and Dealers, thus ensuring that customers always receive excellent service and the Mobi will have a stream of income. The Mobi  are also referred overflow work, from alternative sources.

Added income:

The Entrepreneur will also be trained in canvasing: Local clients in their area (Fleets, used car dealers, SME’s etc.)  ____________________________    

Your MOBI will offer automotive glass Support services to your clientele – Motor Glass Partners (MG Partners) as a Mobile Technician. MG has a proven business model and pre-existing administrative systems and service delivery processes. Our investment includes a feasibility assessment, training, sales provision and funding to enable you to enter this Entrepreneurial venture.