Receive 2 Months Free Streetwise Emergency benefits when you Repair or Replace your windscreen


 Activate MG Plus for R99

 and receive

Streetwise Emergency benefits for the Holidays

Offer only valid from 15 Nov 2017 – 31 Dec 2017

(Cover for December 2017 & January 2018)

Emergency benefits : 24/7 Roadside assist, 24/7 Medical assist, 24/7 Legal assist

Enjoy Free Streetwise Emergency cover with every MG Plus (R99) activation and only (R10 if you repair or replace your windscreen). Be Streetwise this festive season and have a guardian angel  watch over you and your family while on the road (Roadside assist). Have peace of mind with  24/7 Medical Emergency Assistance in the event of an accident. Have your Legal Assistance available 24/7 for sticky situations!

This MG Plus holiday offer is only valid upon activation between

15 November 2017 & 31 December 2017.

(Cover valid for December 2017 & January 2018) 

This gift from Streetwise and MG Plus will ensure a stress free and safer journey. 

MG Plus contributes to road safety. We are offering all MG Plus Member discounted rates on Windscreen Repairs & New Windscreens

In-Store Repairs R 150 per screen max 3 chips

Mobile Repairs R 185 per screen max 3 chips

MG Assist guarantees the best cash price on a windscreen replacement.

Get your vehicle roadworthy for your journey by fixing your windscreen before you travel. Should bad luck strike while on the road and your windscreen gets chipped or cracked, we will be ready to assist with the lowest price available in your area of travel or upon your return.

Renew my Car will assist to get your vehicle back in shape after the journey. Preferred discounts will apply to MG Plus members.

We genuinely want to make your holiday as stress free as possible.

Please notify us should you require any of our other Streetwise Assist Products

# Mechanical Warranties – in case of gearbox problems, engine blow-ups and even electrical faults, which can all put a damper on a holiday, we will give you Emergency Assist and a limited star Mechanical Warranty – for Only R 299 pm (R 230 pm for December 2017 & January 2018).  Sufficient cover to still afford gifts and celebrate New Year!

# 3rd Party, Fire & Theft Cover – Nothing can be worse than having your vehicle stolen or broken into over holiday time. Remember thieves don’t take holidays! For Only R 449 pm (R 380 pm for December 2017 & January 2018) you will  have the Emergency Assist, Mechanical warranty and we will  include Insurance Cover.

Should the car in front of you have better brakes than yours and you smash into them, don’t let it get to you… simply use your Legal assist and 3rd Party Insurance Cover.

T’s & C’s may apply

Happy holidays!


 MG Plus Team